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  • proxyti.com

  • flogatoleaks.com

  • maturepornvid.com

  • billyrubin.biz

  • mtenforma.com

  • babe8.net

  • xxgirls.website

  • pics4yous.net

  • nudemax.cc

  • *.playmyvideo.stream

  • Always upto date<<<
  • Brand NEW CJ Script based on well-known SmartCJ

  • New cheat protection (including geo targeting)

  • New trade system that helps you to understand traffic quality

  • New thumbs rotation Engine with Preload and ImageEdit

  • It's really fast, in\out just sent surfers, no calculations at all

  • Brand New admin interface, EasySort features

  • Custom Trade Formulas

  • ... and more then 100 fixes and features added !!!

  • ... and even more: we always update script with new ideas , current update id : 25

  • 1. Make sure that domain is in the SmartCJ DB, not some external DB. CjWebmaster uses external DBs (antiviruses, spamlists and so on) to provide better service. For example Websense ThreatSeeker, TrendMicro and so on. If you see it - google for that name and ask them to remove your domain from their DB and it will be automatically removed from our DB in few days after that.

    2. If you see that your domain was added by a webmaster (domain name is provided) - ask him to remove that record. Click 'Remove info' next to each domain.

    3. If a record was added by admin or no explanation was given - email to admin at smartcj.com to get your domain removed from the list

    Thank you.